Stunning… truly a transport of delight

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian
The Transports album cover
ReleasedJan 12, 2018
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Recorded straight after The Transports’ barnstorming 2017 tour, this album captures the power and beauty of the live show. Paul Sartin’s arrangements bring rich new dimension to Peter Bellamy’s great songs. From mighty ten-part ensemble singing to delicate balladry – including Sean Cooney’s masterpiece Dark Water - it’s a showcase for some of England’s best folk musicians at the top of their game, while storyteller Matthew Crampton roots the songs within a taut and challenging narrative. Not just a worthy successor to Bellamy’s original, this Transports reaches beyond the folk world to tackle exile, migration and the nature of modern Britain.

"This 40th anniversary revival is an astonishing piece of work ... From the passionate pull of The Leaves In The Woodland as Nancy Kerr tells Henry's mother's story of a broken family, to the rousing Saul Rose-led final shanty Roll Down, every emotion is touched on, every folk-style represented ... Buy this album, but also go and see the show, in what will surely be a rich, fulfilling and memorable experience for audiences across the UK." Ian Taylor, Northern Sky

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