Stunning… truly a transport of delight

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian


"Stunning… truly a transport of delight"
Alfred Hickling, The Guardian
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"This 40th anniversary revival is an astonishing piece of work. Buy this album, but also go and see the show, in what will surely be a rich, fulfilling and memorable experience for audiences across the UK. "
Ian Taylor, Northern Sky
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"an ensemble success… ten voices uniting in magnificently lusty, rousing chorus"
Rob Adams, The Herald
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"Truly stunning ensemble singing and individual instrumental virtuosity"
Chris Kenny, Songlines
"Superb… the best piece of work I have seen in a very long time"
John Tams
"The Transports is truly magnificent"
Ian Croft, RnR Magazine
Nigel Schofield, Living Tradition
"Thought provoking, beautifully performed, hopeful, educational, inspirational – a triumph"
Natalya Catton Wilson, EDS Magazine
"One of the best stage performances in a very long time"
Alex Gallagher, Folk Radio UK
"Moving and compelling"
Keith Savage, Arts Beat
"Up there with War Horse for its emotional impact - music and theatre at its best."
Audience Member
"Crampton has a great voice that entices and explains. He pulls the audience in like a magical toyshop owner, he has some joy and sorrow that he cannot live to keep to himself ... The final performance of “Roll Down” is a powerhouse in every sense of the word. Going out on a sublime high, the ensemble case gives it more welly than a gaggle of pirate wranglers. Amazingly deep, rousing and quite brilliant, the show goes out with an unmatchable gusto."
Folk Phenomena
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"A wonderful concept, brilliantly realised."
Maurice Wren, The Refugee Council
"It’s sometimes hard to remember, through all the hype and emotional language, just how important it really is to get a sense of migration and what it means. It’s not something many of us have truly experienced. But for all of us last night the work you brought before us, the brilliant musicianship and your thorough and deep understanding of the issues meant a huge amount. The fact that you bring this in so accessible a form to your audience is just brilliant."
David Wolfson, Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes