Stunning… truly a transport of delight

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian


The Transports unites a diverse array of British folk musicians. The origins of this cast lay in a 2011 production of the show at Sidmouth FolkWeek involving Musical Director Paul Sartin and The Young’uns (Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Show Producer Michael Hughes). Paul brought in his band Faustus (with Benji Kirkpatrick and Saul Rose) and fellow Bellowhead musician Rachael McShane. Nancy Kerr and Greg Russell came on board, as did storyteller Matthew Crampton. Each was assigned a role. Paul created the arrangements, Matthew wrote the narration, the company rehearsed in Sheffield - and first took the show on the road in January 2017. The studio photos were taken by Elly Lucas while recording the album in Sheffield in March 2017.

Andy Bell Live Sound & Producer

Sean Cooney Henry Kable

Matthew Crampton Narrator

Tim Dalling Creative Director

David Eagle Abe Carman

Michael Hughes The Coachman

Nancy Kerr The Mother

Benji Kirkpatrick The Convict

Rachael McShane Susannah Holmes

Saul Rose The Shantyman

Greg Russell John Simpson

Paul Sartin Musical Director & Arranger, The Father

Emma Thompson Live Lighting Design