Stunning… truly a transport of delight

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

Our first album review - and it's a good one

'This 40th anniversary revival is an astonishing piece of work.' Ian Taylor at Northern Sky has written a shrewd and appreciative review of our album.

'The story is told through virtuoso musicianship and fine voices, both individual and in harmonious ensemble. From the passionate pull of The Leaves In The Woodland as Nancy Kerr tells Henry's mother's story of a broken family, to the rousing Saul Rose-led final shanty Roll Down, every emotion is touched on, every folk-style represented. Instruments are used symphony-like to express the mood, from Rachael McShane's plaintive cello to Paul Sartin's mournful oboe, as the story rides the roller-coaster of raised and dashed hopes towards its ultimate happy ending.'

'Fourteen songs are each preceded by a piece of narration from Matthew Crampton, moving the story along and clearly setting the context for each song, which are as rich and varied in style as could be imagined.'

'Buy this album, but also go and see the show, in what will surely be a rich, fulfilling and memorable experience for audiences across the UK.'

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