Stunning… truly a transport of delight

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

A refugee's response to Parallel Lives

Shirley Gould-Smith saw The Transports at Yeovil. She emailed us afterwards to say:

I was truly thrilled at the entire evening.The subject was fascinating and including local names made it all relevant and somehow intimate. I looked at the show on Youtube from Shrewsbury and there were local names too. I have no doubt that you can do that everywhere you go. The references to refugees moved me hugely as I had been one at the age of 5 in June 1940. My mother always called it the most horrendous 24 hours of her life being on a boat for 12, but actually being 120 plus....  from Bordeaux to Falmouth and fleeing the Germans. They tried to bomb us in the train to the harbour, and plenty of Uboats were around, and maybe we were too small for them to notice or bother with? But the next day they hit the jackpot when they bombed a ship leaving St Nazaire and killed 4,000 plus refugees and escaping troops!!   Little has changed.... Thank you for being topical.  People don't flee their home country on a whim.