Stunning… truly a transport of delight

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

Nancy Kerr

Already a respected interpreter of traditional material, Nancy’s emergence as a writer of rare style has drawn comparisons to William Blake in her reawakening of a radical folk mythology as a backdrop for contemporary narratives about love and conflict, motherhood, migration, hardship and jubilation, and the tensions between rural and urban life.

Nancy is one of the most celebrated folk musicians of her generation, and has to date won 6 Folk Awards from BBC Radio 2: 2015 FOLK SINGER OF THE YEAR • HORIZON AWARD 2000 • BEST DUO 2003 and again in 2011 with James Fagan • BEST GROUP 2014 with The Full English • BEST ALBUM 2014 with The Full English. Nominated Best Original Song 2011 for Queen of Waters. Winner Best Album (Spiral earth 2011) for Twice Reflected Sun (Navigator041).

 “A songwriter steeped in the tradition, but casting it anew.” Songlines

“Quite breathtakingly beautiful.” Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2.

“Upon hearing Nancy Kerr for the first time I wanted to hear some more. The songs, the singing, the accompaniments, they meld together into a true sound of England.” Christy Moore

“Nancy Kerr’s songs are unusual, intriguing. Steeped in folksong, she nonetheless breaks out of the mould, coming sideways to her subject, embroidering it with detail and surprises until the focus of the song comes clear.” Peggy Seeger

“Nancy Kerr is a fine musician so it is no surprise that her songs are melodically and rhythmically inventive. They derive from the folk tradition but manage to avoid the predictable which, since predictability is (as Sondheim says) the enemy of song, is a virtue in itself. Not many songwriters could write a verse and chorus that embrace each other to blend into a glorious finale, as in ‘Now Is the Time’. Her use of inner rhymes, assonance and alliteration make her songs mellifluously enchanting. Listening to them is a delight.” Leon Rosselson

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